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Comments and Pictures from our Guests

Silvia from Spain

December 2014
Route : Ueno Park – Asakusa ~ water bus ~ Odaiba
Guide – Akio Watanabe

Akio, el jefe

¡No tenemos palabras para describir lo bien que lo pasamos con Akio!
Visitamos el parque Ueno y sus templos ¡nos costaba seguirle el ritmo!

Después llegamos a Asakusa y comimos al estilo Japonés ¡una experiencia
inolvidable! Por último nos acompañó en el barco hacia Odaiba para hacernos
las fotos de rigor.

Muchas risas y nos llevamos un grato recuerdo de él y de Ruriko,
dos magníficas personas que nunca olvidaremos.

¡Muchas gracias!

Silvia from Spain

Clara and Victor from Madrid, Spain

July 2014
Route : Day 1 : Asakusa – Ueno Park – Ameyoko – Akihabara
Day 2 : Ningyocho – Ginza – ASIMO show – Harajuku – Shibuya
Guide : Ryuichiro Hayashi

Great time with Ichiro!!!!

Last month we visited Japan, and had two wonderful days with
Ichiro, our guide. He´s a really nice man, very kind and patient.

Both days he stayed with us 10 hours!!! We really appreciate his
effort and he showed us beautiful places from Tokio.

Yesterday it was his birthday…so we hope he had a great day!!!
When we come back to Japan, we hope we´ll meet him again.


Clara and Victor from Madrid, Spain

Judy from Australia

April 2014
Route : Asakusa – Ueno Park
Guide : Emiko Bando

We did the fixed tour to Asakusa and Ueno Park with Emiko Bando and we had a wonderful day,
despite the fact that it rained almost the entire time. The rain didn’t bother us, as it actually
lent a lot of atmosphere to the places we saw, but we are grateful to Emiko that she was
prepared to travel a long way to meet us in Shibuya where we were staying, and to take us
touring in such conditions. That’s real dedication!

Emiko explained to us the practices at the temple in Asakusa, which is an imposing sight.
We also did some exploring of the market leading to the temple. Emiko showed us several
places of interest in Ueno Park. It’s a pity we were just a few weeks late for the cherry
blossoms, but it is still a worthwhile place to visit, especially when you have a guide like
Emiko explaining the significance of what you’re seeing.

Emiko was also able to help us with practical information such as helping us buy and re-charge
Suica cards, and advising where we could buy certain things. We were also able to ask her
about the tea ceremony which is an interest of hers.

Thank you, Emiko.

Tokyo Free Guide provides a wonderful and generous service which creates much goodwill.
If any of our friends should visit Tokyo we would recommend they register with you as it is
too good an opportunity to miss.

Judy from Australia

Marta from Canada

January 2012
Route: Yanaka – Ueno Park – Ginza – Harajuku
Guide: Chikako

I know this is a year and a half late, but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to TFG.  My guide Chikako and I had two wonderful days exploring various parts of Tokyo in January 2-3, 2012.

I told her all the kinds of things and places I was interested in visiting and she took me to all of them. She was there waiting for me at the airport and helped me from the start. She saved me tons of money by helping me take the trains instead of the taxi to and from the airport.

She took the time to come and meet me on my last day to help me get on the train to the airport when she did not have to. I had only booked the first two days of my trip with her and the other ones with a tour group.

She was just wonderful and I finally have a chance to say thank you so much.

Marta from Canada

Pierre from Belgium

July 2012
Guide: Katsue Shinomiya
Route: Day 1: Ameyoko, Ueno Park, Okonomiyaki lunch, Asakusa; Day 2: Imperial Palace, Ryogoku, lunch at Hananomai, Edo-Tokyo Museum

I went to Japan in July and I was lucky enuogh to hearabout TFG and the service you are offering. So I apply for a guide for 2 different days. Katsue Shinomiya was volunteer to guide me in Tokyo. I absolutely have no regret.

Before going to Japan, I was first in contact with your staff telling me to wait for a guide, and after Katsue-san was volunteer, he still contact me to see if everything was ok. With Katsue-san, we exchanged like 10-15 mails to organize our 2 days together. Through those mails, Katsue-san was perfectly able to understand what I wanted to see.

For my first day, I asked to go to Ueno and Asakusa. She was a precious help to explain me about Tokyo subway, where to get meals, an many others practical informations. We went to Ueno, one week after a baby panda was born, so there where lot of decorations with pandas. I got lot of explanations about shrines, history and others subjects.

Then we went to Asakusa, from where we can see some famous buildings, and we went trough the gate to go to the shrine. There you can feel old Japan, it was amazing. In the company of Katsue-san, the time flied so fast it was already the end of the day.

We communicated by mail again to organize the second day, and unluckily I had to change the meeting point, but Katsue-san was very flexible, I’m really thankfull to her.

For this second day, I wanted to visit the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor of Japan lives. I didn’t realize it was so huge, and we had a long walk in the heat of summer, but she never complained and was always smiling. For lunch she took me in a “Sumo restaurant” – Hananomai. As tourist I would never have been there alone, but it is a place to see! Then we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

I know it is late to write this message, but I really want to thank TFG and Katsue-san for their kindness. I hope this small message will convince people to take contact with you, so that they won’t miss such the opportunitiy to discover Tokyo in compagny of wonderful people.

I will definitively come back to Japan, and will take contact with you again.


Roberto from Italy

August 2009
Guide: Masaaki Takei
Route: Shinjuku – Tokyo station – Asakusa – Ueno park – Kan’ei-ji – Uguisudani


my name is Roberto Mastrelli and I am writing from Italy.

I recently visited your beautiful country and I was like driving through the streets of Tokyo by Mr. Masaaki Takei (Masa).

I wanted to point out the great courtesy and competence of Mr Takei who accompanied us to the discovery of your beautiful city, like a true friend.

Thanks to him, we have known and appreciated your kitchen, your morals, your extreme kindness.

Thanks again for the wonderful service they provided to foreign tourists.

I greet you with great cordiality.

Renae & Steve from San Francisco, California, USA

April 2009
Guide: Kyoko Minami
Route: Imperial Palace ? Nezu & Yanaka ? Ueno park

Dear Tokyo Free Guide,

We were very lucky to have the services of one of your guides, Kyoko Minami, on April 27 for a full day tour of Tokyo. She took us to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Yanaka and Ueno Park. She is absolutely delightful. Aside from seeing the sights we learned something about Japanese culture from her.

Your program is terrific. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy Tokyo with one of your guides.

Best Regards,

Renae & Steve Buckser
San Francisco, California

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