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Clara and Victor from Madrid, Spain

July 2014
Route : Day 1 : Asakusa – Ueno Park – Ameyoko – Akihabara
Day 2 : Ningyocho – Ginza – ASIMO show – Harajuku – Shibuya
Guide : Ryuichiro Hayashi

Great time with Ichiro!!!!

Last month we visited Japan, and had two wonderful days with
Ichiro, our guide. He´s a really nice man, very kind and patient.

Both days he stayed with us 10 hours!!! We really appreciate his
effort and he showed us beautiful places from Tokio.

Yesterday it was his birthday…so we hope he had a great day!!!
When we come back to Japan, we hope we´ll meet him again.


Clara and Victor from Madrid, Spain

Judy from Ausutralia 2

May 2014
Route : Sengaku-ji Temple -Odaiba – Tokyo Tower – Zojo-ji Templle
Guide : Yukie shimada

We were very happy with the afternoon’s touring that we did with
Yukie Shimada, and we are honoured to be the first guests she has
shown around as a Tokyo Free Guide. She did an excellent job,
especially as it was her first!

We had requested to see the Buddhist temples of Sengaku-ji and
Zojo-ji, Odaiba and the Tokyo Tower, a rather strange mixture, perhaps.

As we were only visiting Tokyo we tried to see some of the historical and
traditional sites contained in that city, whereas otherwise one might try
and see these in a place like Kyoto.

We chose Tokyo Tower because it was Golden Week and there are floating
carp decorations affixed to celebrate Children’s Day (or Boys’ Day, as I
believe it was formerly known). For contrast we wanted to see a new part
of Tokyo, and Yukie took us on the scenic train ride to Odaiba where we
enjoyed walking along the waterfront and seeing the views all around and
local families enjoying themselves.

Yukie had mapped out a schedule which was very organised and worked
well. We appreciate her kindness, and the time and effort she took to
research and compile this. We enjoyed talking to her and finding out a little
about her and her city. She even emailed us afterwards to give us a little
more information about some of the places we had seen, which was very

Thank you.

Judy from Australia

Judy from Australia

April 2014
Route : Asakusa – Ueno Park
Guide : Emiko Bando

We did the fixed tour to Asakusa and Ueno Park with Emiko Bando and we had a wonderful day,
despite the fact that it rained almost the entire time. The rain didn’t bother us, as it actually
lent a lot of atmosphere to the places we saw, but we are grateful to Emiko that she was
prepared to travel a long way to meet us in Shibuya where we were staying, and to take us
touring in such conditions. That’s real dedication!

Emiko explained to us the practices at the temple in Asakusa, which is an imposing sight.
We also did some exploring of the market leading to the temple. Emiko showed us several
places of interest in Ueno Park. It’s a pity we were just a few weeks late for the cherry
blossoms, but it is still a worthwhile place to visit, especially when you have a guide like
Emiko explaining the significance of what you’re seeing.

Emiko was also able to help us with practical information such as helping us buy and re-charge
Suica cards, and advising where we could buy certain things. We were also able to ask her
about the tea ceremony which is an interest of hers.

Thank you, Emiko.

Tokyo Free Guide provides a wonderful and generous service which creates much goodwill.
If any of our friends should visit Tokyo we would recommend they register with you as it is
too good an opportunity to miss.

Judy from Australia

Diana from Russia

July 2014
Route : Imperial Palace – Asakusa – Ueno
Guide : Noriyuki Iwai

1 000 000 Thanks to Nori!!!

We visited Tokyo for only 1 day, thanks to Nori it is unforgettable!

Nori met us on Tokyo station and took to the Eastern Gardens,
then to Sensoji in Asakusa. It was a great experience to discover
Japan with aborigine, to know something not from the book,
but through the live chat.

I am very grateful to Nori for showing us Tokyo!

All the best,

Diana from Russia

Andreas from Germany

May 2014
Route: Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum – Nishinaka Dori
in Tsukishima- Tsukiji Fish Market – Shiodome – Ginza
Guide : Noriyuki Iwai

A great day with my guide Noriyuki Iwai!

I am very glad to had Nori as my guide. We were sharing a great
conversation all day long and he showed me the great open air
architectural museum from Edo-Tokyo Museum I would´t had found
on my own.

After that we went to a street famous for their monjayaki and
okonomiyaki restaurants, since I am a big fan of japanese cuisine.
From there we went to the fish market area and another downtown

I had a great day out in the green and I have seen a lot of places
I wouldn´t be able finding on my own and Nori was a very
warmhearted intelligent person.

I really appreciate it for offering such a fantastic service to
foreigners showing Tokyo without asking for money.

Thank you for the great time!!

Andreas from Germany

Laura & Enrique from Spain

May 2014
Route: Templo Meiji -Ginza- Honda Asimo – Roppongi
Guide: Kiyotoshi Ota

Magnífico recorrido por Tokio con Kiyotoshi

Visitamos el Templo de Meiji, Ginza, el concesionario de Honda y
la Torre Mori.

Kiyo es un gran conocedor de su ciudad y supo captar todo
lo que queríamos visitar.

Todo fue mejor de lo que habíamos imaginado. Si volvemos a Japón,
repetiremos la experiencia.

Gracias a Tokyofreeguide y un abrazo muy fuerte para Kiyotoshi.

Muchas gracias por todo,

Laura y Enrique

Luke from Australia

July 2014
Route : Shinjuku-Nakano-Akihabara-Harajuku
Guide : Tsubasa Nagumo

Massive Thanks

I recently got back from Tokyo and I have to say It was awesome.

Our guide was Tsubasa. He was very well spoken and knowledgeable
about everywhere we wanted go, also a very happy and relaxed.

A massive thank-you to Tokyo Free Guides and Tsubasa for
making our Japan Holiday that much more fun.

Arigatoo Gozaimasu.

Luke from Australia

Sally from Australia

July 2014
Route : Shibuya – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine – Imperial Palace – Asakusa
Guide : Ryuichiro Hayashi

Thanks Ichiro!

What a wonderful day we had discovering Tokyo with Ichiro!

We visited Shibuya, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, walked all around
the Imperial Palace and gardens then explored Asakusa!

Ichiro was amazing, he is a wealth of knowledge, has endless energy
and tells lots of wonderful stories. He also helped us plan the rest of
our stay in Tokyo.

Ichiro has made a huge contribution to making our stay in Tokyo
interesting and enjoyable. Thanks Ichiro!

Sally from Australia

Margaret from USA

June 2014
Route : Nezu – Asakusa – Odaiba
Guide : Masahiro Kimura

A Day in Tokyo with Masahiro!

We had a great day with our guide, Masahiro, this summer.

He met us at our Ryokan and took us all day to see both the older
traditional Tokyo neighborhood of Asakusa and the new Tokyo, Odaiba.
We ate lunch together on tatami at a special tempura restaurant &
then a ride down the river to Odaiba. We saw the new area that
will be the site of the next summer Olympics – very cool.

Masahiro was so helpful and full of knowledge about his city – we were
so glad to be able to see Tokyo though his eyes.

We definitely recommend TFG!!! It’s awesome!

Margaret from USA

Marlon from USA

May 2014
Route : Yanaka – Odaiba
Guide : Masazumi Ogawa

Traditional and Modern

I had a great day with my friendly and helpful greeter, Ogawa-san.
I got a taste of traditional Tokyo and a glimpse into everyday life
at Yanaka and then of the modern and techy in Odaiba.

The giant Gundam was a standout! I’m so thankful Ogawa-san took
a day of his time to show me around and to answer my questions
about Tokyo in the days leading up to my trip. He even made sure
to drop me off at my next destination after our tour was over.

His insight was very helpful and made me feel welcome in Tokyo.
Here is us at the end of the tour!

Marlon from USA

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