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Sheena and Diana from Canada

January 2015
Guest: Sheena and Diana from Canada
Route: Day 1 – Yoyogi ~ Meiji ~ Takeshita ~ Omotesando ~ Shinjuku
Day 2 – Tsukiji ~ Ginza ~ Imperial Palace ~ Aasakusa
Guide: Takuya Hayashi

My sister and I only had a few days to explore Japan, so we wanted to
hire a tour guide. We are so glad we found Tokyo Free Guide!

Hayashi-san was our tour guide for 2 days. He is so kind and respectful.
We are so glad he was able to show us around Tokyo despite the very cold
weather. We had a heavy proposed itinerary, but he was able to accommodate
everything we wanted to see and even added a few more of his own suggestions.

He is very knowledgeable about the Japanese Culture, which we appreciated.
He went above and beyond what we had expected. He even shared his love for
music with us, and suggested the best food and drinks in Japan.

This was an amazing experience for us. We hope to keep in touch, and we
hope to be back soon!

Thank you,
Sheena and Diana from Canada

Geoff from Canada

February 2015
Guest : Geoff from Canada
Route : Day 1 Imperial Palace – Asakusa,
Day 2 Tsukiji Fish Market – Hama-rikyu Garden
Guide : Chikako Shibata

I would like to offer Tokyo Free Guide (TFG) our thanks for the service
that was provided to us by Chikako Shibata during Thursday 19th Feb
and 20th February as it was very enjoyable, informative and helpful.

We found Chikako to be very punctual, polite and courteous, flexible to
our travel requirements and knowledgeable of the local area. We also
found that Chikako possessed a very good level of English, which was
appreciated when it came to explaining various sites/histories and
suggesting alternate sites to see etc.

We highly valued Chikako’s time and we felt that our days were full of
interesting activities, visiting various areas around Tokyo. In addition,
Chikakko clearly explained how to use the JR and Metro systems, so we
able to continue to move around with ease after she had left us.
Not once have we become lost thanks to Chikako’s advice.

We strongly believe that the TFG is a great incentive for international
tourists and I will highly recommend this to my family, friends and
colleagues who may soon travel to visit Japan.

Thank you TFG for a very pleasant and enjoyable introduction to
Japan/Tokyo. Our deepest gratitude also to Chikako for looking after
us so well.

Sayonara and our kindest regards,

Geoff from Canada

Emily from Australia

December 2014
Guest : Emily from Australia
Route : Tsukiji Fish Market-Akihabara-Ginza
Guide : Naohmi Sakurado

One of the busiest days of the year and we wanted to go to the Tokyo
Fish markets and it was raining.

Naohmi managed to get us there and showed us around explaining
all different types of seafood. He then took us to the best sushi and
then onto Electric town.

It was such a terrific day and Naohmi was such a fine host and guide.

This photo is us at a temple where Naohmi taught to children to pray.

Thank you Naohmi and Tokyo guides for making our trip to Tokyo
so special.

Emily from Australia

Luisa from Philippines

February 2015
Guest : Luisa from Philippines
Route : Fukagawafudoudou-Tomiokahachimangu-Harajuku-
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Guide : Miki Morimoto

Hi, Tokyo Free Guide! I just want to provide feedback for one of
your guides, Miki Morimoto. I’m very grateful for Miki. I really had
a very wonderful time touring Tokyo with her last February 8th.
We were looking forward to see Kamakura but due to the weather
that day, we just decided to tour the city. It didnt matter because
we still had a great time. She took me to my first Buddhist temple
ceremony and told me about the rituals involved, that’s really
unforgettable for me.

The place where she brought me to eat was really fantastic, I never
enjoyed sushi that much before!

We also toured Meiji shrine, a part of Yoyogi park, Harajuku, Shinjuku area,
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and more. She took me to
stores which I did go back to in the following days for shopping based
on her recommendations.

There was really no problem in communicating with her as she speaks
really good English and she will make you feel comfortable, as if you’ve
been friends for years! She’s kind and shared not only information about
Tokyo but her personal wisdom as well. I got so much inspiration from
her stories. Truly, she is one great, wonderful woman. She even sent me
suggestions for the places to visit in Kyoto.

It was really a very great day and I can’t thank her enough for that.
She also made sure I was on the right train going back to where I was
staying, thanks so much for everything Miki-san!

Luisa from Philippines

Aurora from Philippines

February 2015
Guest : Aurora and family from Philippines
Route : Shibuya-Harajuku; Asakusa-Ueno-Akihabara
Guide : Naomi Matsuo, Gen Sueyoshi

There are no words for how thankful we are to have met
Naomi Matsuo and Gen Sueyoshi, they accompanied us during
our stay in Tokyo. They were patient, kind, knowledgeable and
they spoke English very well. They went beyond to just being
our guides and we got to celebrate our anniversary with them,
we wish there was more time for us to hang out.

They explained the history of the places we visited, how to act
when visiting shrines and temples. They even printed out guides
for us for our trip to Disney and information about Meiji.

There was no possible way we could have covered everything
without them. We can’t thank them and TOKYO FREE GUIDE enough
for making our trip to Tokyo such a success!

We will definitely keep in touch.

Much love from our family

Aurora from Philippines

Silvia from Spain

December 2014
Route : Ueno Park – Asakusa ~ water bus ~ Odaiba
Guide – Akio Watanabe

Akio, el jefe

¡No tenemos palabras para describir lo bien que lo pasamos con Akio!
Visitamos el parque Ueno y sus templos ¡nos costaba seguirle el ritmo!

Después llegamos a Asakusa y comimos al estilo Japonés ¡una experiencia
inolvidable! Por último nos acompañó en el barco hacia Odaiba para hacernos
las fotos de rigor.

Muchas risas y nos llevamos un grato recuerdo de él y de Ruriko,
dos magníficas personas que nunca olvidaremos.

¡Muchas gracias!

Silvia from Spain

Tuuli from Finland

December 2014
Route : Sugamo – Yanaka – Ueno
Guide : Ryuichiro Hayashi

I and my husband want to thank you for the great service you have organized.
Our guide was Ryuichiro Hayashi on December 30th. He knew a lot of Tokyo,
history and did show us around widely in Tokyo.

He also spoke English very well, we were amazed to find out that he had
learned English by listening to the radio!

We enjoyed the day greatly; had a splendid time with Ichiro-san, saw
a lot and learned a lot of many customs and places.

Anyone would be lucky to be guided in Tokyo by Ichiro.

Thank you once again & greetings form Finland.

Tuuli & Klaus

Claudia from Mexico

September 2014
Guest : Claudia from Mexico
Route : Akasaka – Kappabashi – Asakusa – Ueno – Imperial Palace
Guide : Michiko Ishimoto

Quiero agradecer a Tokio Free Guide las facilidades que me dieron para contactar
a Michiko Ishimoto una persona increible que ahora yo quiero y admiro.

Desde antes de mi llegada a Japón ella me escribió por correo electrónico y
me preguntó mis preferencias (en comida y diversión),realmente esto da
calidez a las personas que viajan.

Yo este viaje lo hice sola por lo cual Michiko estuvo al tanto de como llegaba
a Japón, pareciera que ella era de mi familia.

Al otro día de que nos vimos fue mi cumpleaños y ella me llevo un detallito,
lo cual hizo que me sintiera feliz en Japón como si estuviera en casa.

El día que nos vimos visitamos muchos lugares fuimos a Asakusa,Ueno,
Senso-ji, caminamos por la estación de Tokio que es increible hasta el
Palacio Imperial, el cual tiene una vista increible.

Cuando estuvimos cerca de Senso-ji fuimos a comer a un lugar que estaba
la comida típica japonesa deliciosa.

Luego me llevó por una calle la cual me encantó porque eran muchas tiendas
de utensilios de cocina, como a mi me encanta preparar alimentos bueno fue
un lugar increible y así como esto miles de detalles durante todo el recorrido.

En lo particular me pareció un tour muy completo por la mayoría de los sitios
importantes de Tokio, pero con el extra de que la persona convive con uno como
si fuera de la familia y se conocen las costumbre japonesas.

Recomiendo ampliamente a todos los turistas que visitan Japon este tipo de guía
es algo genial porqie conoces la cultura japonesa y comes algo típico, rico y

Si yo volviera ir a Japón agendaría nuevamente en Tokio Free Guide porque
vale mucho la pena.

Claudia from Mexico

Carmen from Spain

September 2014
Route : Day 1 Tsukiji – Asakusa – Ueno – Imperial Palace
Day 2 Kamakura
Guide : Shuji Nawaoka


Ante todo nuestro agradecimiento a la organizacion y sobre todo
a Shuji Nawaoka somos un grupo de amigos que visitamos Japon
el 27 y 29 septiembre del 2014 aunque yo ya lo habia visitado en
el 2009 y desde luego vi sobre todo en Tokio y Kamakura mucho
mas que anteriormente todo eso se lo debemos a Shuji.

Recorrimos Otaru, Hakodate, Tokio, Kamakura, Shimizu, Monte Fuji,
Kioto, Nara, e Osaka.


Carmen, Alfredo, Bersi e Inma

Jonathan from Spain

October 2014
Day 1: Harajuku – Shibuya – Imperial Palace – Zojo-ji Temple
Day 2: Kamakura
Guide : Yoshiko Honda

Japón espectacular!!!

Somos una familia de las Islas Canarias que visitamos Japón
a principios de Octubre.

Estuvimos en Tokio con Yoshiko Honda, que nos enseñó Tokio y
Kamakura. Agradecerle todo éste tiempo que disfrutamos juntos,
nos lo pasamos genial y estamos muy contentos de haberte conocido.

Un fuerte abrazo de Nayra, Eva, Celi, Fernando y Jonathan  from Spain

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