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I am currently 17.  Can I book a free guide?
If you are under 20 years old, please find an adult person who is 20 years old or above to accompany you.

How much does it cost to use this service?
Our guide services are totally free of charge and no tips are necessary.  However, please be prepared to pay all the expenses of the guide during the tour, such as admission fees, restaurant meals, transportation fees, etc.

We are a group of six people.  Can we still request a guide?
If the number of people in your group exceeds FIVE (5), we may arrange two (or more) guides.  Please be prepared to pay the expenses of these guides.

IMPORTANT Note: We won't be able to provide a guide(s) to a group of SEVEN (7) or more people.  If your group consists of more than six people, please divide the group and request a guide for each group.

What language do guides speak?
Currently, we have English, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese speaking guides.   However, the availability of guides who speak these languages other than English or Japanese is limited.

Can I request a guide for weekdays?
Yes, you can.  However, we would recommend booking a guide for weekends or Japanese holidays, as more guides are available on weekends and holidays.

For how many days can I request a guide?
You may request a guide(s) for as many days as you wish, but we won't guarantee the availability of guides for all the dates that you have requested.

When should I request a guide?
Please submit your request at least two to three weeks before arriving in Tokyo.  You can also submit a request up to three months in advance.  However, you may have to wait for months for your guide to be arranged.  We would recommend submitting your request one or two months prior to your arrival.


What if there is no guide available?
We won't notify you if no guide is avialble on your requested date(s).  Please understand that if you do not hear from a guide by two days prior to your requested tour date(s), it may mean that no guide is available for your tour. 

Can I request a guide to pick me up at the Haneda or Narita airport at night and take me to my hotel?
Since Tokyo is not a "24-hour city" yet, which means the public transportation does not operate 24 hours a day, our guides won't be available at night or early morning when there is no public transportation running.   


When is the busiest time for TOKYO FREE GUIDE?
Usually, we receive a number of guide requests during the period between Christmas to New Year’s (December to early January), the cherry blossom season (late March to early April), summer (August), and autumn (October).  

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TOKYO LICENSED GUIDE (TLG) is organized by nationally licensed guides connected to TOKYO FREE GUIDE. If terms and conditions of TFG are not satisfactory to your group or if you want to promptly secure a guide, TLG will satisfy your request within a few day.

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