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About Us

About Us

TOKYO FREE GUIDE, a nonprofit volunteer organization, was started in 2004 with the goal of helping overseas visitors experience Japanese culture and local customs.

There are over 150 volunteer guide members, who speak at least one language besides Japanese (such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, etc.).  The guides are cheerful and helpful men and women, who are students, housewives, retirees, office workers, etc.  Most of them have lived and/or worked in or around Tokyo for a long time.  Some of the guides may know everything about Japanese music, pop culture, anime, or the trendy shops, while others may have an extensive knowledge of Japanese food, history, culture, society, or religion.  Our volunteer guides truly enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures and sharing the fun of discovering Tokyo or the surrounding areas!

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TOKYO LICENSED GUIDE (TLG) is organized by nationally licensed guides connected to TOKYO FREE GUIDE. If terms and conditions of TFG are not satisfactory to your group or if you want to promptly secure a guide, TLG will satisfy your request within a few day.

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